About me

Welcome! My name is Gabrielle, better known as Gabbie, and I’m an avid gardener and scientist. I was born and raised in a small farm town in New Jersey, later moving to Manhattan for college in 2010. I studied Biology as an undergrad and also hold a master’s degree in Biochemistry. Admittedly, it was never my intention to move to New York City. I envisiond myself living in Colorado hiking or skiing mountains between classes, but life happened and brought me here instead. The city to me always carries this charged energy that requires its residents to carry such a rapid pace of movement, that only fellow NY’ers can relate to what I’m talking about. After the first two or three years, I knew I wouldn’t last another minute in this place if I didn’t find ways to connect with nature while living here. I decided to slow down and remind myself of the things that once grounded me. So I dug my hands in the soil and found myself in gardening, again.

I turned deserted planters left in front of my crappy downtown apartment into a pollinators palace. I focused on finding a piece of nature on every city street I walked; admiring the morning glories that creep along metal street fences, the front-yard gardens of Brooklyn townhomes all in hopes of sourcing inspiration to create my own urban garden when the time was right. In 2015, I moved into an apartment that had an outdoor space with built in garden beds that were completely empty...and that’s how I went from guerrilla gardening off the streets to cultivating my very own urban garden sanctuary in the midst of New York.

My journey with plants began as a child when I was around six years old. My mom would send me to the backyard to pick plump tomatoes and juicy raspberries off the vines that laced the fencing surrounding our home. It was my “chore”, and as the youngest of four girls, my mom could use my hands for any extra work where deemed fit! Yet, it never felt the way chores did especially as I grew older and had to do a lot more real chores around the house. In fact, the long-standing joke in my family still to this day is how the first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a “tomato picker”. Ina way, I’m very much living out that seemingly naïve dream that I once had as a little girl.

I gravitated towards all things nature as I grew older. In my early teens, I’d disappear for hours exploring the trails and running through wooded areas around my house collecting moss and rocks. When I reminisce on all of those moments and memories of being in nature as a child, I realize the critical role it has had in shaping who I am today. Growing, gardening, tending to living things, reviving the plants I thought I should give up on(or trying to save the ones I should have let go), failing some because their needs couldn’t be met. There is no doubt that people-plant relationships are mutualistic. The two could not exist without each other. My relationship with nature, plants, and the natural world has carried me through some of my most difficult times, asserting its everlasting presence in my life. Reminding me on days when self-care feels impossible, I have a way to ground myself through gardening and caring for the plants I love.

My goal is to make gardening and plant parenthood accessible, enjoyable, and easy for everyone, no matter your lifestyle! Come join me on my adventures as a grower as I guide you along your plant expeditions. Whether you’re an early stage plant parent, or expertise gardener, there’s always something new to learn here at Gabbie’s Garden.

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